Silicon Valley’s most renowned dermatologist, Marie Jhin shares her expertise and knowledge revealing centuries old secrets and offers modern day, practical advice and current trends to achieve healthy, beautiful skin with K-Beauty. 




 Born in South Korea, Board Certified Dermatologist and President of Premier Dermatology in Silicon Valley, CA, Dr. Marie Jhin understands that the practices and rituals of K-Beauty can be translated into a healthy, attainable routine for anyone.

Her new book, K-Beauty Secrets: Accessible Beauty For Everyone, is a step-by-step guide into the fundamentals of her culture for a long lasting and effective skin care routine. In this book, Dr. Jhin will guide you through what is K-Beauty and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle for beautiful skin from the inside out.


"Korean women focus on making skin healthier and hydrated.” — Richard You, General Manager of Dr.Jart+